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Lash Cleanser Set

Beautiful & Lasting Eyelashes: Our Eyelash Extension Shampoo Is Used To Clean Natural Eyelashes Before Eyelash Extensions, To Remove Oils And Increase The Adhesion Of The Adhesive. Eyelash Shampoo Eyelash Foam Eyelash Extension Is Specially Developed For Eyelash Extension Cleaning.

Deep Cleansing: Eyelash Cleanser Removes Oil, Debris, And Other Contaminants That Can Build Up On The Eyelids And Eyelashes. The Brush Helps You To Clean Your Eyelashes, Eyelash Extensions, Grease On The Eyebrow Nose, And Blackheads, Dirt, Sebum, And Makeup Residue.

Safe And Clean: Essential Daily Hygiene, Specially Designed Cleanser For Lash Extensions, Adhesive Safe, No Clumping. All In One, Supremely Effective Cleanser And Makeup Remover Even For Heavy Makeup.

Comfortable To Use; The Soft Head Is Firmly Fixed, And The Super Dense Slender Fiber Hair Is Soft And Moderate. It Is Suitable For Cleaning The Nose, Nose, And Surrounding Skin Pores.

Function: Special For Eyelash Extensions, The Nose Cleaner Brushes Are Able To Go Deep Into Pore For Cleaning Performance On Face, Nose, And Any Cosmetic Residue

Easy To Use: This Gentle Brush Cleanses Can Break Up Any Oils Or Makeup Residue Still Left On The Lashes; Leaving Your Lashes And Face Feel Clean, You Can Always Have One Of These For Your Home Travel Kit



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