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Lash Shampoo

Have you ever wondered how to clean you lashes? Rather you are wearing Xclus Mink strip lashes or you have a full set of mink lashes installed. It is a must to have lash shampoo.

Lash Shampoo should be used daily after you wear your lash strips, and daily if you have mink lashes installed. 

This foam lash shampoo will remove the Xclus eyeliner glue from your lash strip as well as your lash line. It will clean and restore your lashes back to their natural state.

Directions for use:

Our Eyelash Extension Shampoo Is Used To Clean Natural Eyelashes Before Eyelash Extensions, To Remove Oils And Increase The Adhesion Of The Adhesive. Eyelash Shampoo Eyelash Foam Eyelash Extension Is Specially Developed For Eyelash Extension Cleaning.

Deep Cleansing: Eyelash Cleanser Removes Oil, Debris, And Other Contaminants That Can Build Up On The Eyelids And Eyelashes. The Brush Helps You To Clean Your Eyelashes, Eyelash Extensions, Grease On The Eyebrow Nose, And Blackheads, Dirt, Sebum, And Makeup Residue.

Safe And Clean: Essential Daily Hygiene, Specially Designed Cleanser For Lash Extensions, Adhesive Safe, No Clumping. All In One, Supremely Effective Cleanser And Makeup Remover Even For Heavy Makeup.

Pump two pumps of foam lash shampoo in to the cap of the shampoo bottle. Mix it with a tad bit of water. Wet your Xclus Lash Cleansing Brush generously and than dip it into the mixture and start from the tips working your way to the lash line or lash band. Stroke the brush in a gentle circular motion or back and forth motion to clean your lashes. Rinse your lashes off with water and than brush them with your spool to restore their shape. Store them back into their ORIGINAL packaging and let them dry.

Eyelashes Shampoo, 60ml Eyelash Foam Cleaner Eyelash Extension Cleanser Eyelash Cleansing Make-Up Remover (1)

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