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Xclus Hair Growth & Nourishing Kit

This is the official dynamic duo. You get your Xclus Rapid Hair Grower and your Xclus Nourishing Growth Oil all in one. 

We recommend using the grower as a deep condition and than sealing the moisture in with the oil. You can also use this duo in the styling process. Use the grower on your finger tips as you twist or braid your hair and use the oil to moisturize your scalp after. 

These two go hand in hand and can be used in combination with one another in more than one way. 

Benefits of both:

Oil: Helps prevent split ends, dryness, stimulates hair growth while hydrating, and nourishing the hair. Perfect for your scalp, hair, natural eyelashes, and beards.

Grower: Helps prevent hair loss, promotes hair thickness while moisturizing and hydrating the scalp and your hair. This is perfect to help repair damaged hair and help increase hair growth. 

Please note the 4oz oil bottles will now come with a Yorker spout like the 8oz bottles.

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