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The Xclus Xperience Inc.

The Xclus Xperience Inc. was founded in 2018. I, Porche Renee, have taken time to find the best raw hair suppliers in Southern India, Cambodia, and Indonesia via online research. I have spent thousands of dollars testing hair and preparing for the launch of my company. I have always been passionate about people and giving them great experiences in life. I have applied that same mind frame in my company.

The Xclus Xperience Inc. is here to empower you to cater, care, and invest in yourself through the expression of your hair.

I provide you with all of the treats your hair needs. I sell Southern Raw Indian, Cambodian, and Indonesian temple hair extensions, Indian and Indonesian blonde extensions, closures, frontals, wigs in every flavor, lashes, lash accessories, my all natural homemade products, and hair accessoreis.

The Xclus Xperience Inc. focuses on delivering TOP quality products along with an exclusive experience for each customer.

I want to thank you for choosing to treat yourself with our products and supporting my businesses because without you all none of this would be possible. I appreciate you, my




My name is Porche Renee also known as Frankly Che. I am the owner of The Xclus Xperience Inc. I am a licensed cosmetologist, which is just a fancy way of saying licensed hairstylist.

I am a mom of seven total, 4 biological, and 3 bonus babies (we have a blended family). I am a mompreneuer. Wife. Mom. Boss. I was born in Chicago but by the age of 5 we had moved to Madison, WI. That’s where I took my first interest in hair and began braiding the yarn on my cabbage patch dolls head. By 8 we resided in North Carolina where I was put into the foster care system with my younger brother.

Through all of the negative experiences and neglect I began to fall into a depression. I began to find ways to cope with the pain I felt. Doing hair, drawing, and writing poetry were my coping mechanisms. I vowed to myself I would never treat people in the way my brother and I had been treated. I vowed that I would always make people feel like somebody even if they weren’t in the eyes of the world.

I am somebody who strives to makes everyone feel valued. I know thoughts don't become things, they are things. I provide products that I am passionate about. I am the Chick-Fil-A of hair aiming to give each customer an eXCLUSive eXPERIENCE. Now what are you waiting for, GO TREAT YOURSELF NOW. 

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