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How To Care For Your Xclus Hair Extensions. Tips and Products

How To Care For Your Xclus Hair Extensions. Tips and Products

The Xclus Xperience Inc. Hair is 100% all-natural unprocessed raw hair. With quality second to none, we pride ourselves on empowering hardworking women, especially moms, one raw hair wig/bundle at a time. So, after you have invested in your Xclus raw hair, you must administer proper care t0 get the maximum life span from it. With consistent and correct care, your Xclus Xperience Inc. hair can last up to 5 years.  


I don’t want unmatched quality, long-lasting hair...said no one ever! 


Keep reading to learn how to care for your Xclus Xperience Inc. hair from beginning to end. 


Pre Install 


Carefully cut bundle wraps from your extensions. Mimicking folding sheets, take one end of the extension and line it up with the other. Take care to detangle hair before getting it wet. Fill a large enough sink or bowl with warm water. Fully submerge hair to guarantee maximum saturation. Follow this up by shampooing twice and conditioning once with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.   


This next step is the most vital in this prep process. Thoroughly rinse the conditioner from hair in cold water. Continue to rinse until all suds dissipate. This is crucial as any remaining residue will result in stiff hair. Do NOT blow-dry the hair. Allow hair to air dry by hanging or lying flat. When hair is completely dry, you are ready for installation.  


Curly Hair Prep 


For curly hair, gently cowash in cool water with a sulfate-free conditioner. Apply the same method used for other hair types, taking care not to massage hair while washing. After this, apply a curl-defining cream to seal curls, prevent frizz and stop poofing. Scrunch hair gingerly to define curls. Hang or lay down to air dry. Do NOT use a blowdryer. Make note that before combing and detangling, hair must be lightly misted with cooler water from a spray bottle. 


Daily Hair Care 


Xclus Xperience Inc raw hair, daily maintenance is quick and easy. Comb hair every morning with a wide-tooth comb and, using a paddle brush, brush from ends to the scalp to maintain longevity. You can apply a nickel-sized amount of non-alcoholic hair serum to Palms and massage through hair going from ends to the scalp to preserve the shine.  


Nightly Hair Care 


Detangle with a paddle brush and wrap hair as you would after a flat iron appointment for straight hair. Finish off by covering hair in one of our deliciously soft and smooth satin bonnets, specially designed to accolade varying lengths of hair. Don't utilize this method with curly hair, as attempting to detangle dry curly hair will result in frizzing. Instead, loosely braid curly hair and slip it into your Xclus Xperience Inc that helps prevent frizzing and matting. 


P.S. Never sleep in damp or wet hair. This results in matting and creates a mildew odor. 


Lace Care Tips  


The lace is very fragile and requires gentle care to prevent damages.  If your Xclus Xperience Inc. raw hair wig or extension is laced, here are some great tips to properly care for it.  


Overprocessing of knots resulting from bleaching will lead to copious shedding. Be mindful of the temperature when heat styling, as this can melt the lace resulting in holes. However, the lace can be mended utilizing excess lace and adhesive to patch the hole. With proper care, you can reuse your lace-up to 5 times. 


Habits That Lead To Poor Hair and Bad Hair 


Whether it be wigs or bundles, extensions are an investment. Like any investment, you expect to reap the long-term benefits. However, there are a few practices that lead to poor hair extensions resulting in bad hair: 


  • Utilizing products with sulfate and alcohol is a big no-no. 


If you make a habit of poor hair practices, then you will end up with bad hair. Here are the telltale signs of bad hair: 


  • Always matted 
  • Tangles excessively after a wash or install 
  • Sheds in handfuls at a time 
  • Flat and cannot hold curls 
  • Burns in contact with heat 
  • Smells bad  


Now go forth and slay in that delicious hair you have adequately maintained.  


Yours Truly, 

Frankly Che♥  

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