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Xclus Mink Lashes. Application and Care Guide

Xclus Mink Lashes. Application and Care Guide

Application and Care Guide for your Xclus Eye Candy

The Xclus Xperience Inc. is so much more than hair. At The Xclus Xperience Inc., we work tirelessly to bring you the highest quality products that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous, no matter how busy your days get. What screams fabulous and functional more than a delicious pair of Xclus Xperience Mink Lashes? The perfect accompaniment to your raw Xclus extensions, these are the lashes you deserve to flaunt while you take care of the family, channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and conquer the boardroom.  




With the utmost care, start by delicately removing the lashes from the tray by holding them at the band. Avoid directly pulling on the individual strands and pulling on the lashes in general while removing. Before proceeding, it is highly advised that you apply eyeliner. Not only will this aid in creating a natural finish, but it will also make the look cohesive. Accurately compare the lash length with that of your natural eye length. Apply mascara to natural lashes and then trim the excess from the Xclus Xperience Inc Mink Lashes. Apply a fine line of lash glue (that you hopefully bought from Xclus Xperience Inc.) and let stand dry for 10-20 seconds. Place the lashes as close as possible to your lash line. Press down on corners to secure and complete the application.  


Caring For Lashes 


Caring for your lashes requires just a few reminders. Keep them away from water and heat. Remove them before going to bed and remove glue residue. Remember to place lashes back in the original tray to maintain shape and protect them for future use.  


Your lashes accentuate one of the most sensitive organs on your body, the eyes. So, when we engineered our fast-acting lash glue, we also whipped up a soothing clarifying lash shampoo. Never wanting to be outdone, we also created handy lash brushes. This duo together efficiently cleans your lashes without the hassle.  


Removing your mink lashes is pie. Take a cotton swab soaked with non-oil-based makeup remover and dab at the lash line. Slowly remove lash.  

Just For You 

We love our xclusive family, and so we created an xclusive lash goody bag with everything you need to prepare and care for your Xclus Xperience Mink Lashes. This delicious assortment of products includes lashes, lash glue, lash spool, lash shampoo, lash cleansing brush, under-eye patches a 4 in 1 lash tool kit.  


Get the lashes, get the goody bag, or buy each product individually. It doesn’t matter as long as your xclusively shopping. 



Yours Truly, 

Frankly Che♥ 


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