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Wigs Are The Ultimate Protective Style. Here’s Why

Wigs Are The Ultimate Protective Style. Here’s Why

Your hair undoubtedly goes through a lot. Between your often chaotic lifestyle and the fact that hair reacts to weather on its own, it is vital sometimes to give your natural hair a break to recharge.  


Protective styles are hairstyling methods focused on tucking away your hair ends (most fragile part of hair) and requires you to interact with your hair minimally. Protective styles can include braids, twists up-dos, and our all-time favorite, wigs. 


While all the listed styles have their own benefit, we dare say that the wig reigns superior when it comes to protective styling. 


Keep reading to find out why wigs are the ultimate protective style. 


Easy To Maintain Hair Care Regimen 


Wigs are easy and gorgeous without sacrificing caring for your natural hair. Just take it off and proceed to deep condition to your heart’s content. This is not always the case with other protective styles. 




Unlike braids or twists, wigs come in a myriad of juicy flavors. The possibilities are endless. While protecting your natural hair, you can be as creative as you want with a wig. Bob one day, pixie the next, or are you feeling for bountiful luscious curls? You can have them all, and that’s the beauty of wigs. 


The Lowest Manipulation 


The sole aim of protective styles is that they allow for low manipulation. Low manipulation puts less stress on hair which leads to length retention. Braids, twists, and sew-ins can still put considerable stress on your hair. But once you have a properly installed wig cap and you take care of your edges, wigs put the least amount of pressure on the hair.  




Styling your natural hair can be time-consuming. The steps before you even get to styling are about an hour. Wigs cut that time in less than half. Leaving you more time to sleep, watch TV or read a book.  


The Xclus Xperience Inc. has raw wigs in all flavors to suit all tastes while protecting your hair. 


Yours Truly, 

Frankly Che♥ 

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