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All The Different Flavors Of Wigs

All The Different Flavors Of Wigs 

All The Different Flavors Of Wigs 


Wigs, wigs, wigs, and more wigs. We all scream for wigs.  The Xclus Xperience Inc is home to countless flavors of tasty raw wigs. Each just waiting to sit delightfully and seamlessly on top of your crown while you take the world by storm, one hair flash at a time. 


But whether you are a seasoned wig consumer or you’re just dipping your finger into the frosting, knowing the types of wigs can be exhausting. We know you are busy juggling a million balls, so we scoured Google for you and compiled a list of the most common types of wigs. 


Custom Wigs vs. Ready-To-Ship Wigs 


As the name suggests, custom wigs are crafted exclusively for the buyer. They choose the hair, color, style, and any other features they want to be added. The buyer’s head is accurately measured, and the wig is made to suit those measurements. Get your delicious raw custom wigs at The Xclus Xperience Inc. 


The name says it all - Ready-To-Ship wigs come in standard sizes-small, medium, and large. They are styled to suit the average person, and there is not much room for creativity with these wigs. What you see is what you get. 


Handmade Wigs vs. Machine-made Wigs 


Handmade wigs are extensions where the hair is painstakingly sewn into the wefts by hand. These wigs are natural-looking, lightweight, and lends themselves to styling flexibilities. 


Machine-made wigs are wigs where the hair is sewn onto the wig cap using a sewing machine. This is the most common wig type. Machine-sewn wigs are not as flexible as their hand-sewn counterparts. However, machine wigs last longer and can be made more fuller, so they are the most common. 



The LaceLess Squad 


Headband, Hat, and U-part wigs have quite a few things in common. They are convenient and take less time and effort to install due to their lack of lace. Headband wigs have the hair attached to a chic headband dome wig cap. Easy to install, easy to remove. Hat wigs are even more hassle-free. It is as simple as putting on a hat, literally. U-part wigs take a little more effort as it requires styling a section of the hair to match the wig as that section will be pulled through the U-Part opening to create a natural, seamless look.  


Knowledge is power, and you now have a lot of it. Whatever delightful flavor you choose, The Xclus Xperience Inc. has you covered. 


Yours Truly, 

Frankly Che♥  

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