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Beneath The Wig. Caring For Your Natural Hair While Wearing Wigs

Beneath The Wig. Caring For Your Natural Hair While Wearing Wigs

Wigs are definitely a set it and forget it investment. Most people mistakenly think this means to heck with your natural hair. But no, set it, and forget it refers to the styling; taking care of your natural hair underneath is still necessary and highly recommended. 

Keep reading to learn some fantastic tips on caring for your natural crown while flaunting one of our many flavors of raw hair wigs.


Putting an Xclus Xperience Inc. Raw Hair Wig on dirty natural hair is a big No-No. Just as you wash your raw hair before installing, so too should you thoroughly clean your natural hair.

It is vital that hair is installed on clean hair as installing otherwise can lead to dirt in hair becoming trapped under the wig. Not only is this unhygienic, but it can also lead to hair damage. Wigs must also be removed to accommodate regular washing of hair. 

Moisturizing And Scalp Care

The importance of moisturizing your hair cannot be overstressed. Wearing wigs for an extended period can lead to hair becoming dry, and this only becomes noticeable after removing the wig. Don’t worry. Xclus Xperience Inc. got you. We don’t see wigs as an improvement; we view them as a creative time economic extension of your innate remarkableness. So, we crafted the delicious multifaceted Xclus Xperience Inc. Nourishing and Growth Oil. Dry hair craves nourishment, and that’s precisely what this oil is. This concoction dually moisturizes and seals your thirsty hair with a cocktail of essential oils, including jojoba, peppermint, grapeseed, and castor oil. A little dollop is all you need to wrap your strands in silky smooth oils that can also be used as hot oil treatment and skin moisturizer.

Let Your Hair Breathe

A breath of fresh air never hurts anyone, and the same applies to your scalp. If you can avoid sleeping in your wigs, it is wise to. On those days when you are at home relaxing, take off your wig and let your scalp breathe. Under a wig can become quite claustrophobic, and your head knows it. Don’t be self-conscious; you are an extraordinary queen, and hair doesn’t define you. 

Yours Truly,

Frankly Che♥

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